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Rebuilt from the roof up, new brick, new liners, crown & chimney cap
Rebuild, new brick, flashing, crown, liners (Reused existing chimney cap)
Complete chimney rebuild
Complete chimney rebuild
Chimney torn down
Rebuilt with crown
Added liner & Chimney Cap
Rebuilt crown
Reflashed & waterproofed chimney
Core Drilling hole in foundation for metalbestos chimney.
Class A Metalbestos chimney installation
Duravent Pellet pipe chimney installed in fieldstone foundation.
Installation of duravent pellet pipe chimney.
Two fireplace liners side by side.
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Masons Tower setup
Chimney taken down to the roofline
Begining of rebuild
mid point of rebuild
Chimney rebuild complete with stainless steel chimney cap
Finished chimney shown from  side angle
Old Chimney before tear down
Chimney rebuilt with waterstruck brick to keep the historic look.
New Chimney From Angle #2
New Chimney From Angle #3
New Chimney From Angle #4
New Chimney From Angle #5
(CHIMNEY REBUILD)   Building located in Hull, MA 
(CHIMNEY REBUILD & LINER)   Building located in Newton Upperfalls, MA 
Partial Chimney rebuild top corses of brick brought down to be rebuilt.
Used boom lift instead of tower to protect bushes.
Chimney brought down (about to be rebuilt with a few bricks to be cutout and replaced below the rebuild line)
Chimney rebuild complete, near perfect match on brick/motar. Stainless steel chimney cap installed.
Additional picture of chimney after construction.
You can barely spot the point of the rebuild (A perfect match)
(PARTIAL CHIMNEY REBUILD)   Building located in Weston, MA 
(CHIMNEY REBUILD)   Building located in Slatersville, RI
(CHIMNEY REBUILD & LINER)   Building located in Holliston, MA
(CHIMNEY REBUILD & LINER)   Building located in Holliston, MA
Old painted block chimney being torn down and loaded into dump trailer
Chimney torn down.
Only the backside of the firebox remains. It is solid and in good shape so it will be reused with the new chimney built around it.
Brick chimney going up, with two slate splash shelves.
Rebuild is finished
Picture of chimney from the rooftop
(CHIMNEY REBUILD)   Building located in Seekonk, MA 
Rebuilding two center chimneys from the roof line up and repointing the two outer chimneys. Set up towers and rakes around chimneys.
Another view of the tower staging
What chimney looked like before we demo
Chimney after demo
New chimney built back up.
Chimneys with new stainless steel caps in place.
(CHIMNEY REBUILD)  Building located in New Bedford, MA 
Existing chimney being taken down.
New chimney going up (starting with a full brick facade to cover the large concrete foundation)
Old fireplace brick facade and hearth stone removed
New fireplace brick facade and hearth stone. (Inside of the firebox is original and was not replaced)
(CHIMNEY REBUILD)  Building located in Holliston, MA